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Jumbo LED Digital Clocks with REMOTE CONTROL
SELENA Clocks as Stopwatch, Timers and Counters
Normally displays the timer as HOURS : MINUTES : SECONDS with the blinking colon during counting.
The 6-digits timer display may be also switched to show 
MINUTES : SECONDS : 1/100Sec .
The 6- digit clocks may be also switched to operate as the 4-digit clock or timer in the 4 OLDER digits .
The 6 Digit displays come with either SAME SIZE or SMALLER SECONDS.
UPPER or LOWER Smaller Seconds may be ordered.
The Timer - Counter modes of operation are selected via the Remote Control.
In clocks with the Text / Date display option, the timers/counters may be shown in the Text display area
and the user can switch modes to display the timers/counters in the digital clock display area instead.
Clock  time
Hrs : Min timer
Min : Sec timer
UPPER seconds
LOWER seconds
SAME SIZE seconds
UP or DOWN Timer
UP or DOWN Timer
Min -Sec or Hrs -Min:
Julian DAY
1/100 Seconds Timer - Stopwatch is available for the 4 and 6 Digit displays,.
but it is best used with the
External Start/Stop/Reset input terminals Option # 738
This timer resolution may be selected via the remote control.

LED Clocks
and Timers
The wake-up time is preset via the Remote Control. When the alarm time comes, the internal buzzer will be activated, if enabled, and will sound in a "soft" manner changing the frequncy of the "beeps" so that it does not sound annoying to the person who is just about to wake-up. The alarm can be silenced on command from the remote or it will expire by itself after several minutes.
The alarm can be restarted for the next day with a push of a button on the remote. A light on the display indicates if the alarm is set.
Option # 727 gives access to the contacts of the internal SPDT relay that can switch an external load like a Light, Buzzer, Horn or Siren at the alarm time.( 10Amp / 250V max. )
2)   Programmable UP - DOWN Stopwatch, Timer or Event Counter mode  ( with optional Alarm )  
       This feature is included in all SELENA clocks
The programmable timer/counter start value is preset via the Remote Control. This value is stored in the internal memory.
At any time, the user may stop the timer and reset it to the preset value or change the preset value via the remote control.
The preset will be recalled automaticaly by the next start.
NOTE:  Normally, the timer/counter is operated via the remote control that has a limited range of appx. 30 feet ( 10 meters ). When external switches or pushbuttons are needed to operate the Start/Stop/Reset functions, order the option # 738 that allows for wiring of the external switches up to several hundred feet ( meters ) away from the clock/timer .( click HERE for image ). Click  HERE  for wirig examples .
User Selectable Timer/Counter Function modes:

The user can select (via the remote) one of the following timer/counter modes:
A)  Count down from the preset value to zero.
B)  Count up from zero until stopped.
C)  Count up from zero to a preset value.
D)  Count up or down with Enable/Disable and Reset ( machine timer ).
E)  Count up or down
CYCLING through the upper, programmable limit or through zero and automatically reloading and restarting.
F)  Count up with automatic reload and restart and static display of the most recent timer stop value (
G)  Count up with 1/100 second resolution ( may be used via the remote control but best used with option # 738 installed ).
NOTE:  All above functions can control the internal buzzer and/or internal relay during the count down or at expiration ( selectable ).
Option # 727 : Count up or down with activation of internal SPDT relay contacts ( 10Amp / 250V max. ) for switching of external load,  buzzer or siren.
Option # 708  :Count up or down continued during the power interruption with or without accumulating the lost time.
Option # 738   External  Start / Stop / Reset input terminals for timers or UP / DOWN / RESET inputs for event counters.
Option # 738RC   Wired Remote Control, similar to the IR remote, except connected with a cable up to 500 ft ( 150 m )
SELENA clocks can be used as a Stopwatch, Programmable Up Down Timer or Programmable Up Down Counter.
Toll Free:  1-866-829-4253
Hrs : Min : Sec
Hrs : Min : Sec
Hrs : Min : Sec
Note that 4 digit clocks can show the timers in Hrs:Min , Min:Sec or Sec:1/100Secs
There are three, selectable by the user, timer display format modes: HRS:MIN and MIN:SEC or SEC:1/100Sec
If the Hrs:Min mode is enabled, the timer will display Hrs:Min as long as the time is over 1 hour. However, when  the timer falls under 1 hour ( in both, count-up and count-down modes ), the display will switch
automatically to show Min:Sec.
1)   Standard Alarm Clock mode ( Wake-up Alarm ) : -  included in all  SELENA clocks:
NOTE:   In the MASTER - SLAVE clock system, the slaves can display the Master Timer or have their own timers.
The Timers and Counters can be set to display "All the time" or to "Alternate" between the display of
the clock time - temperature - date -  etc...
   ( format selectable via the remote control  )
If in different screen, the timer will come on the display automatically when a timer key on the remote or an external input is activated.
KERA Technologies Inc.
View of the Screw Terminal Block for
External UP / DOWN Timer or Counter
option # 738 installed
on the clock back panel.
Rmote Push-Button Box. 
( model series # PBMXYZ in metal
and # PBPXYZ in plastic  )

View of the PLUGGABLE Terminal Block on the back panel shown as
3 pos. for the optional internal SPDT relay contacts ( option # 727 )
and 4 pos. for the external timer / counter inputs ( option # 738 )
OPTIONAL ( option # 738 ) inputs for external START / STOP / RESET switches
to control the timer-stopwatch or counter
The user can select to control the timer ( or counter ) either via the remote control or via a set of external switches
or push-buttons wired externally.
Any type of "dry-contact" switches can be connected to the external inputs.
In some, special cases an NPN Open Collector may also be used.

All timer or counter function modes and all 
ACCUMULATING  and SPORTS operating modes may be used..
User Selectable Timer/Counter Operating modes:

The count-down ( or count-up ) may be HALTed for an indefinite period of time and then RESTARTed to continue counting.

SPORTS mode: 
The count-down ( or count-up ) must be STOPped and then RESET before it can be RESTARTed.
OPTIONAL ( option # 727 ) internal SPDT relay to control external loads
The relay contacts ( 10Amp / 250V max. ) are accessible at the back panel terminal block.
They can be used for switching of external loads like light, buzzer, horn or siren etc...
Toll Free:  1-866-829-4253
( see also the "Display Modes" page )
TIMER / COUNTER  remote Push-Button  Plates.
( model series # SPB-X in metal and # PPB-X in plastic  )